TIC(1) General Commands Manual TIC(1)

terminfo compiler

tic [
] [
-o file
] source [
term1 term2 ...

The tic utility compiles terminfo(5) source into a database for use by other programs. The created database path name is the same as the source but with .cdb appended.
The following options are available:
Do not discard commented out capabilities.
Only check for errors, don't write the final database.
Write the database to file instead of source.cdb.
For term1, term2, ... output a C structure containing name, compiled description, and compiled size. This can be used to embed terminal descriptions into a program.
Display the number of terminal descriptions written to the database.
Include non standard capabilities defined in the source.

When tic discovers a use=term capability, the terminal description for term is merged in. Capabilities do not overwrite previously discovered ones and capabilities ending with @ are marked as absent so the terminal does not inherit the capability from used terminals.

The tic utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs.

To maintain your private terminfo definitions, if the system supplied ones do not support your terminal:
tic ~/.terminfo

infocmp(1), tput(1), curses(3), terminfo(5)

The tic utility works with terminfo files that conform to the X/Open Curses Issue 4, Version 2 (“XCURSES4.2”) standard.

Roy Marples <roy@NetBSD.org>
June 3, 2012 NetBSD-current